Pattern Making

Exceptional pattern making is absolutely essential in the production of superior sand and gravity die castings. The quality of the finished aluminium casting is determined by the precision and expertise with which the original mould is made. Particularly with high volume batch production, the consistency of the aluminium cast parts produced depends upon the accuracy of the pattern making.

As an established and successful aluminium foundry, we at Foundry & Fabrication know that our reputation – and, therefore, our livelihood – rests upon the quality of our work. With over 50 years experience in the business, we are happy to guarantee that our skilled staff can produce the moulds to fit your specific requirements.

So, whether you want to use our pattern making facilities as a service in its own right, or as part of our total solution for aluminium casting, with modern technologies such as CAD/CAM data in varying formats at their disposal, our pattern makers can help turn your requirements into a mould ready for casting.