Aluminium Casting Foundry UK

Foundry & Fabrication is an aluminium casting foundry based in the UK. As well as the capability to produce gravity die castings, greensand castings and airset castings, the foundry has a fully equipped machine shop to fulfil most cnc milling and cnc turning requirements.

The company prides itself on being a customer-focused business and as a high quality aluminium casting foundry, standing well against its other competitors in the UK. We are accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality management and have our own excellent quality control department.

Foundry & Fabrication is more than just an aluminium casting  foundry, and we are capable of producing castings in other metals including aluminium alloys and other non ferrous alloys such as gun metal and ali-bronze.

As an aluminium casting foundry we use three main casting processes common to many foundries in the UK.  Each technique has its own strengths and particular purpose. The greensand casting method is the oldest aluminium casting method, and is sometimes replaced by the newer airset casting techniques for certain applications. Our aluminium casting foundry also uses gravity die casting where higher accuracy is needed for large volume batch production.