Aluminium Casting UK

Although Foundry and Fabrication have expanded considerably in recent years and we now use other materials in our production process, we still consider ourselves one of the most experienced companies in aluminium casting UK, and think of aluminium casting as our principal business.

There are a variety of methods used in aluminium casting, and these processes fall into two main categories; sand casting and die casting. Sand casting is the method with the longest tradition of use in aluminium casting UK, and breaks down into two subcategories of production; the greensand and airset methods.

Foundry and Fabrication also uses the newer gravity die casting technique, which provides the higher degree of accuracy needed in the batch volume production of aluminium castings.

Aluminium Casting is used throughout UK industry, and many components are made from the aluminium alloy as it is a light metal, yet can be toughened using a heat treatment process, making it extremely versatile and suitable for numerous applications.