Aluminium Foundry UK

It is a sadly familiar story that many aluminium foundry UK companies have been closing in recent years. Foundry & Fabrication, as an aluminium foundry, UK based and committed to a continued programme of investment, has managed to thrive through providing a complete service to its customers, using up to date equipment and by employing experienced staff.

The company has been in business for 50 years and our aluminium foundry is one of the largest in the south of the UK.  This means that we are expert in the older sand casting techniques as well as the more modern gravity die casting used in large scale batch production.

We are more than just an aluminium foundry; UK companies need to be as diverse as possible in the current climate. Foundry & Fabrication also work with other metal alloys such as bronze and other non-ferrous alloys. And, unlike many other businesses under the umbrella of aluminium foundry UK, we take you right from the design of the part to a finished, painted product.

Our machine shop is extremely well-equipped for cnc milling and turning, enabling a fast turnaround of the finished parts and allowing you to deal with just one supplier.