Bronze Foundry UK

Foundry & Fabrication is a vastly experienced bronze foundry in the UK. We are also an aluminium casting foundry and have the capacity to machine and finish your components, making us a complete solution for supplying your ali- bronze and aluminium components in a fast and efficient manner.

As a bronze foundry we produce copper-based alloys which are used to make architectural and industrial castings where the appearance or conductivity of yellow metals is required. We can make replacement and spare alloy castings, often using the original as a pattern.

Many of our customers just use our aluminium casting foundry without realising that we also offer cnc turning and cnc milling. Unlike other ali- bronze and other non ferrous alloy foundries in the UK, we look to provide our customers with a complete service right from the initial planning stage through to the production of the finished components.

Bronze obviously has an extensive history as a cast metal stretching back thousands of years into antiquity, so it is sad that through outside competition and mergers the numbers of producers are on the decline and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a high quality bronze foundry here in the UK. We have survived through not just being a bronze foundry, but through working in a variety of alloys and with various techniques, and by working to strict standards of quality, highlighted by the fact that we are accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality management.