CNC Lathe Turning UK

Foundry & Fabrication has full cnc lathe turning facilities comprising 5 lathes, 2 of these with sub-spindles, as well as multi-pallet cnc milling machine centres to enable fast cycle times and low costs here in the UK. This complements our aluminium foundry, allowing us to offer a more complete solution to our customers. Sourcing machined castings from one uk aluminium castings supplier removes a significant headache that some of our customers have experienced when dealing with separate aluminium foundries and uk machinists.

A sustained programme of investment has seen the company developing its machining capacity in recent years, particularly our cnc lathe turning for aluminium cast components. Our cnc lathe turning facilities have the capacity to handle components from a few millimetres up to 1 metre in diameter and 2 metres in length.

The company views our state of the art machining department and its cnc milling and cnc lathe turning facilities as a complement to our UK foundry. It enables the company to manage the quality of machined aluminium castings and helps our customers to control costs by reducing handling and overall cycle times.

Our full cnc lathe turning list is available to download here.