CNC Machinist UK

As a cnc machinist, UK-based Foundry & Fabrication have made huge strides in recent years to improve the capacity in our machining department. Working in aluminium and bronze alloy casting, we see being a cnc machinist as part of a complete package that we can offer our customers, and believe that this is what makes using our company an attractive proposition.

Our continuing commitment to making the quality of our service as good as any cnc machinist in the UK has led to the purchase of state of the art equipment, enabling our cnc lathe turning and cnc milling operations to work with aluminium cast components from just millimetres in size up to 1 metre in diameter and 2 metres in length.

We are able to compete as a subcontracting cnc machinist across the UK, and have the ability through alichroming or paint finishing to supply our customers with a fully finished product. At Foundry & Fabrication, we realise that speedy turnaround times on cast components can be key to our customers’ needs.

Our expert employees are as important a part of our success as a cnc machinist as the quality of our turning and milling equipment. They are well trained in the programming languages needed for cnc machining, and have a great deal of experience with the sort of large volume batch production for which our facilities are well suited.