Gravity Die Aluminium Casting UK

Here at Foundry & Fabrication our gravity die aluminium casting facilities are of as good quality as anywhere in the UK. This is because we offer a full service from the initial design of the part, right through to cnc machining and finishing of the final product.

Established in 1960, the company was initially a sand foundry and, though we still use this method and have become expert in its application, we have since added other methods including gravity die aluminium casting to our repertoire. Gravity die aluminium casting has the benefit of producing more accurate casts that require less in the way of cnc machining and, therefore, are more suitable to higher volume batch production.

Gravity die aluminium casting, as the name suggests, uses the force of gravity to fill a mould – or, die – with a molten aluminium alloy. It is not just used for large scale batch production, but also in cases where there is a particular need for the type of accuracy and consistency that sand casting cannot guarantee. Prototyping is often carried out using sand, but production will then move on to gravity die aluminium casting from there.