Castings for Construction and Development Projects

Our aluminium castings have been used in many large building projects, but notably the construction of the Aviva Stadium in Dublin – on the site of the former Lansdowne Road – is one that we are particularly proud to have been a part of. We were fortunate to be involved from the early stages of the design of this incredible structure.

Through this, we could assist in specifying the alloys used, metal treatments employed and the methods of manufacture needed to supply in excess of 25,000 safety-critical castings that were implemented to support the thousands of polycarbonate sheets, which give the building its form.

Each component had to be x-ray tested and dye-penetrant tested to prove it met the stringent quality levels of a building subjected to high wind loading and potential extremes of weather, whilst existing safely above the heads of many thousands of rugby supporters below.

Gravity Die Casting
Critical Castings for Building Projects