Aluminium Cast Boat Fixings & Keel Shoes

Foundry & Fabrication produces a range of aluminium and bronze marine castings for applications, from water-tight hatch covers to propulsion units continually submerged below the surface of the sea. Many of the parts we produce require accreditation to DNV.

More recent projects we have been involved with include highly specified castings used on unmanned, extreme-depth submarines and other sea-going military vessels. Our ability to handle the large castings often required of this industry, to the exacting tolerances required, has helped forge close partnerships with our customers.

Although many of the parts we supply to the marine industry go to international companies, we also supply smaller requirements to the many boat builders and dockyards situated throughout the South West of England. Notable projects include the supply of many bronze castings which have been used in the restoration of Saunterer (formerly owned by Captain Oates of the ill-fated Scott Antarctic 1911 expedition) and boats from Salcombe Yawls, to ocean-going cruisers.

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