Telecommunications Aluminium Castings

The proliferation of the telecommunications industry over the last decade or so proved to be an enormous opportunity for Foundry & Fabrication to become involved in a business which was growing rapidly. The need for higher volume production brought about investment in high-speed machining with automatic pallet changers.

Our aluminium castings have been sought after by international companies that require high-quality, well-finished metal castings for use on mobile phone masts. Designed and made to close tolerances, they withstand the elements and maintain the all-important coverage that the providers rely upon. At Foundry & Fabrication, we also supply finished castings to the ever-growing group of large-scale wireless network suppliers providing bespoke performance criteria, to enable their electronics to operate in extremes of temperatures.

The total solution that Foundry & Fabrication offer means that we can assist high-tech customers right through from initial design to the finishing of a completed part, utilising the experience we have gained through working with a wide range of industries.

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