Machined Aluminium Casting UK

When it comes to machined aluminium casting, UK customers can come to Foundry & Fabrication for a cost effective and professional solution. Our complete service can take you right from the initial design of the part, through casting and machining, up to a finished and painted product.

This is why we believe that we are one of the best options for anyone looking for machined aluminium casting in the UK.

The fact that we have all the facilities to produce a machined aluminium casting on site helps to give us two great advantages over our rivals. Firstly, we have total control in terms of the quality of work produced. Our commitment to the ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality guarantee that you will be getting the best service from us.

Secondly, as there is no need to deal with more than one supplier, or to transport parts for different stages of the manufacturing process, production time is reduced. And in large scale machined aluminium casting production, this could be a significant saving.

We do not only make machined aluminium castings, but also work in other materials, including a number of non ferrous alloys.