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UK Airset Casting Company

The Airset sand casting method was first deployed in the foundry more than 20 years ago. The company were quick to see how this more modern form of aluminium sand casting would complement the more traditional method of sand casting.

The Airset moulding method of sand casting to make aluminium castings differs quite markedly from the greensand casting method. When making airset sand castings, the sand is mixed with a chemical resin binder, giving additional strength to the mould created. When this strength is combined with the accuracy provided by the computerised mixing systems that Foundry & Fabrication have invested in, the result is the ability to cast thinner wall sections and allow the casting of larger parts.

The dimensional accuracy of airset sand casting in general is superior to that of the levels achievable to those attainable in the greensand moulding process and often approaches those obtainable using the gravity die casting technique.

Tooling or pattern costs to produce an airset sand casting are likely to be similar to those of the greensand method of casting and are likely to be considerably lower than the costs associated with the manufacture a die cast mould.

Airset Sand Castings