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Aluminium Gravity Die Casting in the UK

Foundry & Fabrication’s aluminium foundry has had an aluminium die casting facility for more than two decades.

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting is best suited to a higher volume of production, partly because the iron moulds – or dies – used in the gravity die casting process is more expensive to produce than the more typical wooden patterns involved in making sand castings. The benefit is the resulting accuracy of the casting produced from the Die, with it being possible to manufacture much more complex, finely detailed parts.

Gravity die aluminium casting, as the name suggests, uses the force of gravity to fill a mould – or, die – with a molten aluminium alloy. It is not just used for large-scale batch production, but also in cases where there is a particular need for the type of accuracy and consistency that sand casting cannot guarantee. Prototyping is often carried out using sand, but production will then move on to gravity die aluminium casting from there.

Gravity Die Casting Foundries

Finer tolerances achieved with Gravity Die Casting

Gravity Die Casting gives a good finish to the surface of an aluminium casting and, although more expensive at the initial tooling stage, these early costs are off-set with larger batch production, as the unit cost obviously falls further as larger volumes are produced.

Typically a gravity die cast produced casting will require less finishing after the part has first been cast. Each component will require less finishing / fettling after the casting process further reducing the unit cost when compared to a sand cast component.

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Aluminium Gravity Die Castings