Aluminium Greensand Castings

Greensand casting is one of the oldest forms of the sand casting processes. Foundry and Fabrication have 50 years of experience in casting aluminium using this manufacturing technique. Hence the company has become expert in this area of aluminium sand casting.

The greensand casting method has essentially remained unchanged for many years; although modern technology has refined the casting process in more recent times. The method involves mixing sand with clay, known as clay bonded sands, the two main constituents bond together to form moulds. Using sufficient force the moulding sand should be packed in surrounding, usually, a wooden pattern. This produces a shape whose most important attributes include strength and firmness. The molten aluminium can then be poured. After allowing time for cooling, an aluminium greensand casting is produced.

The greensand casting process or greensand moulding process itself makes it particularly suitable for manufacture of small to medium size batches. The initial tooling costs are generally low and involve the production of usually a wooden pattern.

Whether producing an aluminium casting or a sand casting using another non-ferrous metal the greensand casting method can produce fine detail in the finished part, such as intricate engraved features or detailed text on plaques.