Precision Sand Castings

As an aluminium foundry, the success of Foundry & Fabrication’s business rests on the quality of the aluminium castings that we produce. Our quality control department is fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015. The company first gained accreditation in 1994.

Our current ISO approval certificate is available for download here.

Every care is taken throughout each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure that the work our customers receive is of the highest standard. This includes the sourcing of the best quality materials for use in production. All material used is fully certificated and range of levels of traceability can be offered depending on your requirements. 

An equally important element to ensure that our customers receive aluminium castings of only the highest calibre, is our highly experienced sand cast moulders and gravity die casters, who - between them - can have over 100 years of expertise and know how in the field of aluminium casting. Metal controls are enhanced by hydrogen rotary degassing of material and regular external sampling to prove quality of material is consistent and maintained.

Our CNC milling and CNC turning facilities are regularly updated to make sure our finished parts are of a quality comparable with any others to be found in the UK. The onsite quality control department oversees every stage of the production of your aluminium castings, and is equipped with modern inspection and analytical equipment, helping us to deliver on our quality promise.