Sand Foundry UK

As a sand foundry based in the UK, Foundry & Fabrication provides the complete service right from prototype to the full supply of cast parts. Our parts can be provided as cast, or machined on site using cnc turning and cnc milling, and supplied to you fully finished and painted.

Our sand foundry is run by a team of experienced engineers who can use their extensive knowledge to help in the design of new parts and with in-house pattern production. Although we have a long history as a sand foundry in the UK, the company has evolved over the last twenty years and the foundry now uses other manufacturing methods to complement and enhance our overall business.

The sand foundry employs two main techniques; greensand and airset. The greensand method is the oldest, most traditional method, generally using clay bonded sands. The other main technique used in the sand foundry, the airset method, involves the bonding of sand using chemicals instead.

As well as the sand foundry, we also use the gravity die casting method in the manufacture of aluminium and other non-ferrous metal castings. This method lends itself better to high volume batch production where accuracy and the consistency of casting are key.