Powder Coat Finishes for Aluminium Castings

The ability to arrange for paint finishing, along with powder coating, anodising and polishing means that, as part of our commitment to a total solution, Foundry & Fabrication are able to supply completely finished parts to your assembly line. Aluminium cast parts can be put through a number of pre-treatment processes to prepare them for paint finishing, with either powder coating or wet spraying techniques.

Powder coating produces a hard-wearing finish that is tougher than conventional paint and often preferred for industrial products. The paint is applied as a free-flowing powder attracted to the metal by means of an electrostatic charge - all over the metal to ensure complete coverage. The process is then finished off by heating the powdered part in an oven to melt the powder forming a solid durable skin.

Whichever paint finishing method you opt for; Foundry & Fabrication can ensure the best possible results for your aluminium casting using high quality local sub-contract paint finishers.