Aluminium Tool Manufacturers

Tool making encompasses both pattern making and the machining of the metal gravity dies. In much the same way as with CNC machined patterns, 3D models are used to create the CNC cutter paths needed to machine the cavities in gravity dies. Generally made from cast iron we are able to adjust existing tools as well as commission new ones. 

Wherever possible, we keep the tool and pattern making part of the process in-house, both to help preserve our high standards of production and also to help keep the costs down for our customers. However, we have a variety of suppliers who we have used for many years, who know what is required to provide us and our customers with quality services at a competitive price.

We can help manage your project right from the initial stages of design, through to the final bronze or aluminium casting. In addition to more conventional 2D drawings used to design patterns for sand castings and so on, Foundry & Fabrication can also utilise modern technologies such as CAD / CAM data to help realise your concept as accurately as possible.